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Creativeflow Jewelry Design & Repair is in the manufacturing phase of their new jewelry line.

The CAD photo on the upper right is the ISOB.

That is not a curse word! It stands for inner sheath and outer band. 


The CAD photos on the left side are 6 variations of the center stripe that slide over the ISOB named:

* Bicycle band

* Floral Bling

* Kings statement

* Honeycomb loop

* Musical arena and

* Gemstone halo!

The plain band will be soldered after the center stripe is added. Notice the blue resin models prior to UV curing? Dozens of each ring size, earrings, pendants and bracelets are being created via "Lost Wax Casting".

Stay tuned as the excitement builds!!!!

Contact us to place your order by calling (813)727-1848 or e mail us at!


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