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Jewelry Services

At Creativeflow, we have a 100% guarantee on all of our work. Our contact us link will allow a quick response inclusive of:


Send us a photo via e mail for our quote range for a custom order, engraving, lapidary services, jewelry repair.


  1. Bring in your photo of that missing item

  2. Bring in your rough stones to become wearable art

  3. Bring in your jewelry items for repair

The services we provide at Creativeflow are as follows:
  • Ring sizing provided on Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, 14 and 18 K Gold and Platinum.

  • Computer Animated Designs start at $350.

  • Free polishing and prong check to be sure that your diamond or gemstone is secure in it's setting.

  • Engraving $15.00 and up. 

  • Lapidary services price varies with Mohs scale of stone hardness.

  • New clasp and/or closure, cost varies with metal type

  • New ring shanks, quote range available

  • Mold making services, $50.00 and up 

  • Prongs and tip replacement, cost varies with metal type

  • 14 K yellow gold and white gold (Rhodium) plating $40 and up

  • Soldering broken jewelry, cost varies with metal type.

  • Stone matching and stone setting, cost varies  with stone type.

  • Watch battery replacements $12.00 to $20.00.

  • Wax carving and lost wax casting, cost factored in to each custom design.

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