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Greater Temple Terrace Quiz Answers

1. What’s the easiest way to decide if a piece of jewelry is base metal or pure metal?

(A) Bang the piece of jewelry on the counter.

(B) Look for an engraving or go find a magnet.

(C) Sand the surface with course sand paper

2. A round necklace looks the best with what type of shirt?

(A) A “V” neck top or scoop neck line.

(B) Only while wearing a Nauru collar.

(C) A rounded neckline.

3. Back in the day you never wore gold jewelry at the same time when you wore silver. Trends change over time and move in cycles. Presently the trend of wearing different metals…

(A) Is unacceptable and a trend of the past.

(B) Is now acceptable and pleasing to the eye.

(C) Is only worn at “Black Tie Events”.

4. A classic “Tassel-like pendant” is descried as:

(A) Created from fuzzy pipe cleaners.

(B) Fabric or wire based and even in length.

(C) Created from lanyard.

(5) While having difficulty buying a gift for that “hard-to-buy-for” special friend or loved one…

(A) Go to Target

(B) Go to your happy place and think some more.

(C) Visit to view the answers and request a custom order.

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